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sonido, diseño, tamaño, calidad del montaje

relación calidad-precio, portabilidad

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Comentario de experto escrito por : What Hi-Fi? (

Focal Utopia review


These superb headphones have a price tag to match their talents...

Superlative resolution and transparency ; Excellent dynamics ; Plenty of finesse ; Impressive comfort

Price puts it beyond the means of most ; Demands top quality partnering equipment

Unarguably one of the finest headphones on the planet with a price tag to match

Abr 2017

Comentario de experto escrito por : Vlad Savov (

Focal's Utopia headphones live up to their four-figure price


How much would you pay for really good audio? Before you answer that question, consider that humanity as a whole spends more than $11 billion per year on headphones, $1 billion of which is spent on...

Carbon fiber makes them light and easy to wear for long stretches ; Exceptional resolution and detail ; Expansive soundstage and pin-sharp imaging are just luxurious ; Replaceable ear pads

Ridiculously long and heavy cable ; Affordable to only a few ; No sound isolation or possibility to use on the move

Jul 2016

Comentario de experto escrito por : What Hi-Fi? (

Focal Diablo Utopia review


Amazing design puts these stereo speakers at the top of the pile

Exceptional detail and dynamics ; Agile and articulate bass ; Seamless integration

Similar money buys bigger speakers that will go deeper and louder ; Pricey stands

When it comes to levels of insight, little at this price even comes close

Dic 2012

Comentario de experto escrito por : Adam Rayner (

Focal Viva Utopia III loudspeaker review


Sometimes I have so much fun reviewing loudspeakers and cinema systems that I actually get guilt attacks. This review, of the third iteration of Focal's Viva Utopia, was one of those occasions...

Breathtaking scale, detail, subtlety and accuracy; won’t congest at high power

Nothing – apart from that hefty price tag

Jun 2012

Comentario de experto escrito por : Review Crew (

Focal Utopia Be


I get to test (and play with) pretty much every high-end woofer and component set available in car audio. I guess this gives me a unique perspective, but mostly it ...

Sep 2010

EISA Award - Best Product

Comentario de experto escrito por : EISA (

European High-End Loudspeaker 2009-2010 -> Focal Diablo Utopia


Like the other new models in the latest incarnation of Focal's high-end Utopia series, the Diablo has a luxurious lacquer finish, with a choice of many colours. In this relatively compact two-way design, the drive units are mounted in two separate...

Jun 2009

Sound & Vision TOP PICK

Comentario de experto escrito por : Mark Fleischmann (

Focal Utopia Headphones Review


Focal's Utopia headphones are a bleeding-edge statement from a pedigreed loudspeaker manufacturer that has made the most of its speaker-designing experience.

Beryllium diaphragm; Rock-star cosmetics; Fine-tuned highs and timbre


Jul 2017

Comentario de experto escrito por : Marcus Wong (

First looks: Focal's incredible Utopia and Elear headphones tested


The latest flagship headphones from Focal have arrived in Singapore, and we were lucky enough to score a quick listening session with both of them. Here are our early first impressions of the Utopia and Elear.

Oct 2016

Comentario de experto escrito por : Scott Schumer (

Focal Utopia Over-the-Ear Headphones Reviewed


Scott Schumer explores Focal's flagship headphone, the Utopia. This $4,000 open-back over-the-ear headphone features pure Beryllium drivers.

Focal's Utopia headphones simply sound amazing. There is nothing between you and the music. They offer natural, effortless re-creation of what the composer, the musicians, and the producer intended ; The headphones' materials are ultra-high-quality and...

Before long, the Utopia headphones became warm, owing to the seal of the cushion to the ear. The memory-foam ear pads appear perforated, but in actual use they do not allow for any real airflow ; The Utopia is a substantial headphone, leaning toward...

Assuming the rest of your signal path is looked after, does it matter if the final stage (your headphones) reaches above and below your hearing range? There are papers and papers that discuss this in depth with varying conclusions; but, in my...

Sep 2016

Comentario de experto escrito por : Jerry Del Colliano (

Focal Diablo Utopia Speakers Reviewed


Focal's Diablo Utopia bookshelf speakers combine beauty with performance. publisher Jerry Del Colliano put the Diablo Utopia speakers through quite a few tests during the course of his review. Find out how they did.

The blessing of having owned many of the best loudspeakers the world has known has been a lot of fun. The fact that I haven't owned Focals is somewhat of a head-scratcher. They belong in the discussion with the likes of Bowers & Wilkins, Revel, Wilson...

Ene 2012